• Each of the three tents sleeps two adults only.
  • Families (up to 2 extra children) can be accommodated in one tent upon request.
  • No children under 12 allowed except in specially arranged circumstances. Please consult us at the time of booking.
  • Camp is open April to mid-November, depending on the commencement of the rain season in November.
  • A professional and experienced canoe guide will be escorting clients on all of the canoeing trips.
  • Local professional guides will be escorting clients on walking safaris in cases where the professional guide is undertaking canoeing trips.
  • All meals, teas, coffees and drinks are served from the main dining area.
  • Fresh, drinking water is available in the tents and dining area.
  • No internet and cell phone coverage available.
  • Satellite phones in use for all emergency situations. Private use charged as per standard rates.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance, including evacuation recommended for all clients undertaking trips in Southern Africa.
  • The entire camp is run on solar power and paraffin lights.
  • Check in for all clients no later than 11.30AM and check out by 10.00AM.
"i think i had a wonderful time"